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Industrial IOT

We also provide Industrial IOT solutions for all types of manufacturing companies. Our Industrial IOT solution can help company to have:

 - Online Reporting: If you are looking for automatic solution of hourly manual reporting of certain parameters, we can help you to provide a complete solution for online reporting. We can also provide analytics in the form of Excel , Pie Charts or Bar charts on your mobile or laptop which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

- Instant Data access of important machine parameters: Machine or Robots which are connected  via  IoT Devices can  sense and send the real time information of machines / Robots parameters (Like Temperature, Pressure or Voltage etc. to the concern department almost instantaneously.

- Break down alerts on Email / SMS:  An instant noticification can be sent via SMS or Email in case there is a breakdown in Industrial Robot / Machines.

- We can also help feed relevant machine data directly into your current ERP (like SAP) software by reading the data using sensors and feeding directly into your software.