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System Integrator of Industrial Robots:

We are dedicated to provide industrial automation solution for repetitive industrial processes by automating safe, flexible and easy to use 6 axis industrial robotic arms to business of every size and also focused to deliver high quality, in-time and reliable engineered solutions for industrial robot based automation systems in order to improve the health and safety of workers and the quality and profitability of our customers.

NEXROBO supports the complete “Manufacturing Automation” life cycle for customers under one roof, from planning phase to the post commissioning maintenance phase. NEXROBO team has vast “virtual” and “real” shop floor experience in various automation segments, which benefits customers in terms of safety, reliability and speed of execution.


Robot Engineering Services (RES):

We provide Industrial Robotic Programming Services using trained technicians and engineers. Each Robotic Programmer on staff has hands on experience with Motoman, Fanuc, ABB, KUKA and Universal Robots. In addition, some have experience with Panasonic, OTC Daihen/Nachi. Services we offer are:

  1. Onsite and Offline Robot programming
  2. Robot Simulation
  3. Robot Calibration
  4. Robot installation and commissioning
  5. Line shifting and robot training


  • Our technicians have extensive experience with many manufacturing automation applications. Most of our services include Robotic & PLC programming from design, installation, to full production and cycle time reduction projects. We do our very best to achieve maximum results within each project's economic scope and time margins.


Industrial IOT:

We also provide Industrial IOT solutions for all types of manufacturing companies. Our Industrial IOT solution can help company to have:

 - Online Reporting: If you are looking for automatic solution of hourly manual reporting of certain parameters, we can help you to provide a complete solution for online reporting. We can also provide analytics in the form of Excel , Pie Charts or Bar charts on your mobile or laptop which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

- Instant Data access of important machine parameters: Machine or Robots which are connected  via  IoT Devices can  sense and send the real time information of machines / Robots parameters (Like Temperature, Pressure or Voltage etc. to the concern department almost instantaneously.

- Break down alerts on Email / SMS:  An instant noticification can be sent via SMS or Email in case there is a breakdown in Industrial Robot / Machines.

- We can also help feed relevant machine data directly into your current ERP (like SAP) software by reading the data using sensors and feeding directly into your software at the desired location. 

Nexrobo guarantees the best and the most competitive pricing.

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