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Robotic Turnkey Solutions

We are dedicated to provide Robotic Automation solutions for repetitive Industrial processes to the business of every size. Our robotic solutions with Industrial Robotics Arms are safe, flexible, easy to use and  easy to upgrade. We provide End to End Robotic Solutions for:

  • Spot Welding Systems 
  • Arc Welding Systems
  • MIG Welding Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Cycle Time Reduction 


Robot Turnkey Solutions

Robotic Cell using Collaborative Robots

 Apart from focusing on Industrial Robots, we are also focusing on turnkey solution involving Collaborative Robots. 

Universal Robot


Benefits of Collaborative Robots:

  • Humans can safely work along side cobots in collaborative environment.
  • Easy programming
  • Fast set up
  • Flexible deployment and redeployment
  • Fastest payback
  • Small and compact which require less space




Robot and PLC Programming Robot Programming and Engineering servicesServices


We have a team of experts who are experienced in the programming of almost all the major Robot makes like FANUC, MOTOMAN (YASKAWA), ABB, KUKA, NACHI, KAWASAKI and Universal Robots to name a few. We have PLC programmers also who have worked on all the major PLCs like Siemens, Mistibushi, Allen Bradley, Omrom etc. We offer following services:

  • Onsite and Offline Robot programming Services
  • Robot Installation and Commissioning 
  • Line Shifting
  • Cycle Time reductions

 Robot Spare Parts

We provide spare parts of Industrial Robots from FANUC / KUKA / ABB / MOTOMAN / NACHI. We offer lowest prices.

 Robot Spare parts


Complete Robotic Lab Set up for Schools and Colleges

We provide complete set up of Robotic labs for different colleges. Our robots includes Industrial robots and commercial robots of all kinds. 


Dobot Robot Arm

We provide Dobot Arm for reserach and development in Education or for educational projects.

 Dobot Arm


 Gas Cylinder Monitoring Systems - Real Time

Real time Gas pressure monitoring system

We provide solution for real time monitoring of Gas pressure level in Gas cylinder. Our solution can help you to monitor the gas level on screen or we can send SMS /Email alerts as soon as gas pressure level reaches to a certain level. We can also send the SMS directly to your vendor in case you want to automate the ordering of the Gas cylinder. We can customise this solution for any type of gas pressure cylinders.


Robot Cover for Extra Protection

Robot Cover for Extra protection

Provide your Robot an extra protection from Paint, Grit, Welding Slag and other chemcials. Protect and Prolong the life of your robot and do not let these issues stop your production.


Robot Teach Pendant Cover and Screen Guard 


Do not let the accidental breakage of teach pendant affect your productivity. Have a extra layer of protection of Robot teach pendant by our teach pendant covers just like mobile covers for extra safety.  Our teach pendant covers are shock absorbing, provides cushioning, anti scratching and Non adhesive.

Our screen guards  is a protective film for touch screen teach pendant. It helps to avoid the contact of the touch screen monitor with the Glue, Dust and Oil.


Telepresence Robot

             Padbot Telepresence Robot

 Telepresence Robot allows your virtual presence to be heard and felt, even if you are not physcially there. Using telepresence robot you can have  a video chat at your office, monitor warehouse and talk to your near and dear ones at your home.


Interactive Robots


Robot Waiter


Robot for Reception

 We provide Interactive robots for your restaurants, pamphlet distribution for various events.  Robot for your reception who can interact with the customer and guide them. 


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